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for evidence of male fragility look no further than their basically universal fear of dating women taller than them

❝I waited. You couldn’t. I’m gone.❞ — six word story (via thesadsideoflove)
❝Don’t pretend I meant a thing.❞ — six-word story (via thesadsideoflove)
❝it’s only what he didn’t do.❞ — (six-word story)
❝I’m done pretending you don’t exist.❞ — 6-word story (via thesadsideoflove)
❝Should have. Could have, but didn’t.❞ — six-word story (via thesadsideoflove)


now what’s the you were saying?

"With my knowledge and understanding of the game I feel like I should be much better at football, but I’m not.”


there’s a sadness in my eyes,
the tears won’t go away.
and the worst part of it all
it’s just the word you’ll never say.

there are things you’ll never know
that I would do for you,
but I am just another point
on your list of things to do.

I’m hoping time will change you
because that is all that I have left.
if I could change one thing that’s happened,
it’d be the day we met.

I’d save myself the pain I’m in.
I’d walk the other way.
I’d would be someone that you would miss
and you wish you would have stayed.

but I chose to get to know the boy,
whom I thought could be the one.
stupid me believed in that.
now everything is said and done.

so I’ll sit at home and wonder why
the tears won’t go away.
and the worst part of it all
it’s just the word I thought I’d never say.

❞ — on the word ‘love’ (via thesadsideoflove)

Don’t know if anyone’s posted something like this, if so, I haven’t seen it.

Anyway, here’s a YouTube playlist of every song in the lyrics of Better Than Words in order!

Definitely some hits! Enjoy!

aconed: … and then I saw this handsome chap! 😉 (had to be done!)